Wireless for Hospitality


We Deliver Robust Wi-Fi for Ultimate Guest Satisfaction

In hospitality, guests expect quality Wi-Fi. And poorly performing Wi-Fi is often their number one complaint. A recent IPass survey of hotel guests suggests that a poor wireless hotel / restaurant experience may result in the loss of their future business.

Business travelers want their devices connected no matter where they are on the premises. Hotel facilities and staff increasingly use wireless for voice communications, point of sale, environmental controls, and surveillance video. Guest traffic consumes massive bandwidth over the same newtork you run your business.

A reliable, full-service Wi-Fi network infrastructure is essential. You need ubiquitous property coverage, sufficient capacity to meet guests’ intense bandwidth demands, an easy and seamless onboarding process for guests, and a platform for delivering tiered access services.

Hotel guests believe Wi-Fi service is included in the price of their stay, so keeping costs down is key. Once your Wi-Fi investment is in place and working well, it needs to last for a long time. It has to be easy to use, and totally reliable when running.

Benefits of our Solution

  • Reliable, “just works” service with application control and no single point of failure
  • Reduced total cost of ownership with less equipment and adaptable hardware
  • Simple operation with cloud management and zero-touch provisioning
  • Flexible solutions that meet the needs of guest rooms, lobbies, meeting rooms, outdoor areas, and more

How our Wireless Networks are Different

Visionary IT delivers a comprehensive Wi-Fi solution that addresses the wide range of hotel applications—rooms, common areas, outside areas, meeting spaces. Our solutions create a reliable, low-cost Wi-Fi network with full premise coverage. Xirrus application-aware wireless solutions monitor applications to ensure consistent service to users, even during peak usage times, by throttling identified bandwidth-hogging applications. And we can identify and prioritize critical business applications over the wireless network.

Our solutions are fully integrated and simplify network design and operation by requiring less equipment and no central controllers. Xirrus wireless solutions reduce the amount of equipment required to deploy a wireless network, lowering total cost of ownership.


High Reliability

Xirrus distributes intelligence across the network into each Access Point, eliminating the single point of failure and performance bottleneck of centralized controllers. Application Control prioritizes critical applications over recreational usage.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

No other vendor matches the flexibility and solution longevity offered by Xirrus. Our simple and reliable solution means less equipment and less total deployment costs. The software-programmable radios can be upgraded as the needs of the network change without needed to buy more equipment-future-proofing your investment.

Automated, Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi

Great hardware without great software is of little value. That’s why Xirrus developed the XMS-Cloud management system. XMS-Cloud is an easy-touse, automated Wi-Fi management solution that lets you intuitively configure, monitor, and manage your wireless network with zero touch provisioning and turn up of new equipment via automated online activation.

High Flexibility

Our wireless solutions scale to the highest user density and traffic capacity in the industry with and distributed intelligence in each device. More radios leverage the available Wi-Fi spectrum to deliver a better experience to all clients, no matter where they are on the premises—in rooms, meeting rooms, the lobby, or outdoors.

Make the Smart Choice. Choose Visionary IT.

It’s a Wi-Fi world. Guests bring a myriad of connected devices to your facility, and they need to all connect. Technology doesn’t stand still, and you must satisfy guest expectations or they won’t be guests again. You need a Wi-Fi system that can keep up with the times. Count on Xirrus to help you build the perfect hotel Wi-Fi network.

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