Wireless for Healthcare


Fast, Reliable IT Networks for Healthcare

Mobility & telemedicine is now an integral part of patient care allowing for faster access to life saving information that enables providers to deliver exceptional levels of service. Visionary IT delivers robust, secure wireless networks for healthcare facilities in Arizona.

Most employees are carrying two or more devices. Executive management is relying on IT to support new mobile services for customers and employees alike. Businesses are deploying varying degrees of BYOD initiatives.

Wi-Fi is now an integral part of the IT infrastructure, often the primary connectivity option. Employees, guest users, contractors, and more require different levels of access to the network. New buildings are being designed with Wi-Fi as the primary access to corporate networks. Ensuring wireless security is becoming a complex challenge while enforcing consistent policies across different users types, different devices and from different locations.

You need a Wi-Fi solution that grows with you and grows your business.

Xirrus Benefits

  • Ensure reliable business-critical application performance with Application Control
  • Simplify operations with zero touch provisioning and automated turn up of new equipment
  • Ensure robust security with integrated, multi-layer protection
  • Future-proof networks with upgrades that don’t require replacing equipment

The Xirrus Difference

Xirrus delivers reliable and secure wireless access that helps you increase workforce productivity and achieve operational excellence—while still minding your bottom line. Xirrus solutions require less equipment and supporting infrastructure, as well as reduced installation and maintenance, resulting in significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Employees and guests can access network resources without burdensome IT setup procedures, further reducing the overall cost of your Wi-Fi network. Xirrus has a comprehensive portfolio of products that allow IT to securely right-size the network—one that scales to support the density and capacity needs of mobile users and BYOD requirements.


High Reliability

Xirrus distributes intelligence across the network into each Access Point, eliminating the single point of failure and performance bottleneck of centralized controllers. Application Control prioritizes critical applications over recreational usage..

Complete Security

Xirrus implements multi-level security for comprehensive wireless network protection. Each access point integrates a stateful firewall. High Density Access Points incorporate a dedicated threat sensor radio for 24/7 RF security protection without compromising user servicing resources. Xirrus Application Control enables application detection and application policy control on the network.


Xirrus wireless solutions seamlessly support the massive proliferation of mobile devices with guest access and onboarding services to automate the process of bringing new devices and users onto the wireless network. Xirrus ensures all these devices can get onto the network and operate with a good end user experience.

Application Control

Xirrus solutions are the industry’s first to integrate next generation application recognition and control at the network edge in every AP. Application Control ensures business-critical applications such as CRM and ERP are prioritized to ensure a reliable user experience.

Future-Proof Wi-Fi

No other vendor future-proofs your Wi-Fi network for a long lifespan like Xirrus. Programmable radios allow you to adapt the Wi-Fi infrastructure over time as the client base evolves. Modular APs allow you to upgrade your network without replacing any equipment.

Make the Smart Choice. Choose Xirrus

It’s a BYOD world. Enterprises today earn as much with laptops, tablets, and phones as they do with brick and mortar or face-to-face contact, and technology won’t stand still. You need a Wi-Fi system that can keep up with the times. Count on Xirrus to help your enterprise profit.

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