HIPAA Compliant IT Solutions

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare IT Solutions

At Visionary IT, we understand that medical professionals everywhere else deal with unique and serious challenges when it comes to IT. EMR regulations and HIPAA compliance standards can be overwhelming, leaving you wondering how to handle it all on your own. That’s where we come in, with the following solutions to ensure your practice remains secure and compliant.

Cloud Backup & Data Recovery for Healthcare

Are you putting your patients' sensitive data - and your entire business - at risk? With HIPAA Compliant IT Solutions from Visionary IT, you can end worries over data security, data loss and compliance for good. Visionary IT's Cloud Backup makes protecting your mission-critical data a cinch.

By partnering with Visionary IT for Cloud Backup services, your Scottsdale based healthcare organization is no longer susceptible to the risks associated with IT that's not HIPAA compliant.

Network Security Audits for the Healthcare Industry

Not knowing what’s going on with your healthcare IT and security systems can be dangerous to the future of your practice. With a Network Security Audit from Visionary IT, our experts will analyze and diagnose your information technology systems, identifying areas of risk within your infrastructure and recommending potential areas for improvement.

Managed Services for Healthcare

With Managed Services for Healthcare from Visionary IT, you can outsource the management, maintenance and support of your practice’s IT for one affordable, flat monthly rate. That means you can say goodbye to costly downtime, ongoing computer problems and the headache of managing IT in house for good.

Our healthcare solutions drive more efficient practice operations while enabling collaboration and improving quality measures, automation and compliance - all while simultaneously enhancing security.

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