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Security is the forefront of focus in IT today, with so many high profile breaches and ransomware attacks occurring daily, it’s certainly is a good time to review your company’s IT security & documentation.

If you are like most businesses chances are your IT security depends on multiple vendors, generally one for router / firewall, another for encryption, anti-virus, malware detection, network monitoring, etc. We provide a simple, powerful cloud based service to manage & monitor your IT security.

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Simple, Centralized Security:

  • Ransomware Prevention – Ransomware is a rapidly growing threat for all businesses regardless of industry or size. Our solutions provide the ultimate ransomware protection allowing you to work freely & securely in & out of the office.
  • Device Encryption – Encryption of computers containing sensitive information is essential. Our cloud based solution makes it simple as flipping a switch to encrtyp
  • End Point Protection – Way beyond anti-virus. Our artificial intelligence based security software stops malware & ransomware in its tracks. Infected computers are automatically isolated on the network, cleaned and then have access restored.
  • Phishing Protection – Phishing is the most prominent, high risk threat facing most businesses. Phishing emails are socially engineered to trick a user into exposing their password. We can filter messages and also send Phishing emails to your staff and provide reporting, allowing you to measure the security awareness of your team.
  • Security Awareness Training: Knowledge is the most powerful security tool an organization can have. We provide on demand web based security awareness training with specific compliance modules such as HIPAA & SOC2.
  • Meet Compliance Standards – Did you get red marks on your HIPAA or SOC compliance audit? We can implement security solutions to help you meet the toughest mandates.

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