Windows 8

Get the most out of Microsoft’s latest and greatest

The latest version of Windows is here, and Visionary IT is standing by to get you up and running fast, with all of the expert Windows 8 support you need. Windows 8 offers new easy-to-use solutions for working on the go, touch screen capabilities and even greater speed and reliability than ever before - bringing your business greater productivity, mobility and flexibility across the board.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Visionary IT is the company you can count on to help you optimize your Windows 8 technology, and provide the ongoing support you need to keep things running smoothly.

Expert Support

Windows 8 offers your business a myriad of new possibilities for mobile productivity, while also providing you with IT that's more secure and has an easy-to-manage infrastructure. In order to take advantage of all Windows 8 has to offer, you need a team of experts to deploy, configure and support this software. That's where we come in, with all the consultation and implementation services you need to get the most out of your software investment. Whether you need assistance in setting up Windows 8 or your staff needs training to get up to speed, our team is here to help. Just call our Windows 8 Support Hotline any time you need us.

New Features


AppLocker allows administrators to control which applications and files users are able to run. These include executable files, scripts, Windows® Installer files, DLLs, Packaged apps and Packaged app installers, helping to reduce administrative overhead and computer management costs by eliminating many of the help desk requests that stem from users running unapproved applications.


If computers are stolen from your office or a company laptop is lost, your sensitive data is vulnerable to unauthorized access. BitLocker helps to mitigate this risk by improving file and system protections across the board. It also renders data inaccessible when your company computers are decommissioned or recycled, ensuring your data remains safe and secure no matter what happens.


BranchCache is a wide area network (WAN) bandwidth optimization solution that is designed to optimize bandwidth when users access content on remote servers. BranchCache copies content from your main office or hosted cloud content servers and then caches that content at branch office locations, allowing branch office computers to access content locally.

Client Hyper-V

Client Hyper-V, previously available on Windows Server, now comes standard on Windows 8. It's often called the “desktop” version of Hyper-V because it does not run on server-class hardware. Client Hyper-V offers all the same virtualization capabilities as Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012, so IT pros and developers don't have to learn any new tools or commands to run it. Plus, you can easily move virtual machines from Client Hyper-V to Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 at any time.


DirectAccess is a new Windows 8 remote access feature that allows connectivity to corporate network resources without the need for traditional VPN connections. The Windows Routing and Remote Access Server (RRAS) provides traditional VPN connectivity for legacy clients, non-domain joined clients, and third party VPN clients, as well as site-to-site connections between servers.

Security Auditing

With comprehensive Security Auditing, you can verify regulatory compliance and ensure the safety of your network and data. When it comes to Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements, it is imperative to uncover any weaknesses or vulnerabilities within your infrastructure, and take steps to correct them quickly.

Security audits help establish the presence or absence of these types of policies, and prove compliance or noncompliance with these industry standards. Additionally, security audits help detect anomalous behavior, pinpoint and mitigate gaps in security policy, and deter irresponsible behavior by creating a record of user activity that can be used for forensic analysis.

Smart Cards

Smart cards and their associated PINs are becoming more and more popular for their reliability and cost-effective solution for two-factor authentication - helping you to easily control user access to network resources.

Windows 8's Virtual Smart cards provide highly effective security in two ways: securing administrator accounts and securing remote access, using the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip already available on many companies' computers - instead of requiring the use of a separate physical smart card and reader.

Volume Activation

With Volume Activation, you can easily deploy and manage volume licenses for any number of computers, simplifying the process of licensing overall, while activating tens, hundreds, or thousands of computers in multiple locations. This allows you to verify that operating systems and applications are genuine, have not been compromised, and will be supported across your business.

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security is an important aspect of a layered security solution, providing host-based, two-way network traffic filtering. With this feature, you can block unauthorized network traffic, while also applying security settings appropriate to the types of networks to which your computer is connected. Reduce security threats and protect sensitive information with one simple solution.

Windows to Go

Windows To Go is an enterprise feature of Windows 8 that allows users to create a workspace that can be booted from a USB-connected external drive on PCs that meet the Windows 7 or Windows 8 certification requirements, regardless of the operating system running on the PC. Windows To Go workspaces can use the same image enterprises use for their desktops and laptops and can be managed the same way.

This solution is not intended to replace desktops, laptops or supplant other mobility offerings. Rather, it provides reliable support for the efficient use of resources for alternative workplace scenarios, making working anytime, anywhere simpler than ever.

The Benefits of Deploying Windows 8

  • Improved mobility - Windows 8 is designed to work seamlessly with mobile devices and cloud technologies
  • Trusted security - with built-in antivirus and secure boot features
  • Apps at your fingertips - search for and download applications from the Windows Store anytime
  • Simple syncing - synchronize your programs and settings across multiple devices

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