Wireless for Venues

Visionary IT Brings Large Public Venues Scalable & Reliable Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has become an integral part of most public events—whether it is in convention centers, arenas, museums, churches, festivals, or concerts. Large public venue owners must increase attendance by delivering new and compelling mobile experiences that compete against other entertainment choices. Fans/attendees increasingly expect to interact with connected applications during the event. The power of dependable and scalable Wi-Fi at such venues is becoming a must, otherwise business will be lost.

Operators must deliver reliable Wi-Fi service under dense use, for diverse scenarios. They need to be able to support a wide range of devices, and rapidly adapt to changing conditions. Such solutions must be easily upgradeable to support new challenges, but with a minimum of complexity and maintenance. Most of all, operators need a Wi-Fi solution that financially justifies its deployment, and keeps the total cost of ownership as low as possible.


  • Scalable to support the most challenging high-density Wi-Fi environments
  • Significantly reduce equipment requirements to lower system TCO
  • Fully upgradeable and programmable solution to grow/ adapt over time
  • Application Control ensures predictable Wi-Fi performance

The Visionary IT Difference

Our purpose-built Wi-Fi solutions are optimized to meet the high device and user densities in large public venues. We deliver high capacity, applicationaware wireless solutions, proven in the highest density deployments in the world, supporting tens of thousands of concurrent users.

Significantly control Wi-Fi costs by requiring less hardware than traditional deployments. Our easy-to-use, feature-rich, singlepane-of-glass management solution delivers powerful, centralized control.

Flexible solutions address the complex density and environmental requirements of different locations within the venue—event registration, interactive experiences, meeting spaces, auditoriums, expo halls, press boxes, VIP suites, outdoors/parking lots, etc. Application Control delivers granular network wide application visibility and control, including throttling of specific applications or groups of applications to ensure a good user experience.


High Density and Capacity

We support the highest user density and traffic capacity in the industry with 2 to 16 radios per device in a comprehensive, performance-scaled portfolio. This allows you to pick the right product for the right scenario based on density requirements, significantly reducing the amount of equipment that must be deployed.Superior Flexibility

No other vendor matches the investment protection offered by our High Density Access Points. The software-programmable, modular radio design allows capacity scaling with zero waste and no rip-and replace. Radios can be switched from 2.4GHz to 5GHz over time as the mix of mobile devices evolves. More radios may be added to existing access points, and older radios can be upgraded to newer technology standards.

Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi

Great hardware without great software is of little value. That's why our cloud based management system provides an automated Wi-Fi management solution that lets you intuitively configure, monitor, and manage your wireless network with zero touch provisioning and turn up of new equipment via automated online activation.


Seamlessly support the massive proliferation of mobile devices with guest access and onboarding services to automate the process of bringing new devices and users onto the wireless network.We ensure all these devices can get onto the network and operate with a good end user experience.

Application Control

The integrated controller architecture distributes network intelligence to the edge of the network where it enables maximum control of applications, performance and security. This eliminates performance bottlenecks and single points of failure typical with centralized controller architectures. Application Control allows administrators to selectively block, throttle or prioritize applications, offering the most predictable network experience for your users’ most critical functions

Make the Smart Choice. Choose Visionary IT.

It’s a BYOD world. People bring wireless devices everywhere they go, and expect an available, reliable connection. Technology won’t stand still. You need a Wi-Fi system that can keep up with the times. Count on us to help your large venue provide an outstanding experience.

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