What do HIPAA regulations require?

Health organizations, and the business associates (covered entities) who provide services to them, must ensure that the confidentiality and integrity of the Private health information is secure when stored. Access to these digital records must be restricted by a Password/ID system that proves authorized access. Any transmission of this data must be protected by proper encryption. These safeguards need to be documented and signed.

HIPAA also requires that healthcare facilities take reasonable precautions to prevent a loss of medical records and information. In a digital environment, it means that a contingency plan must be in place in case of a computer emergency. If there is a loss of data, the plan must include a reasonable and effective method to restore those records without compromising privacy.

Does Visionary IT help your company comply with HIPAA standards?

The answer is “yes”. When you create a Disaster Recovery Plan using Visionary IT Remote Data Backup, you protect your data from being lost due to disasters (like fire, flood, viruses, and human error). Some key aspects of our service that provide you with the tools to maintain compliance with HIPAA standards include:

  • User authentication - establishing private password authentication known only to you.
  • Role-based access - limiting users to access only information they have authority to see.
  • Data encryption - offering encryption up to an AES256 bit level.
  • Offsite storage – providing recovery capability from disaster that caused loss of primary data.
  • Secure storage facilities - protecting from sabotage and natural disasters.
  • Transmission reports – generating reports for every backup and providing verifiable status data.

Why is Visionary IT your best choice for data protection?

  • Helps your facility to be HIPAA compliant
  • Includes User-friendly interface for end users
  • Enables fast recovery for minimal interruption to business after disaster
  • Automates solution which increases productivity and reliability
  • Produces long-term cost savings
  • Provides extremely reliable and secure data protection

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