5 Reasons You Need Backupify To Backup Office 365 Data

5 Reasons You Need Backupify To Backup Office 365 Data

Experience a loss of data can have huge implications, including troubling financial ones.

As more storage moves to be based in the cloud, most users assume they will be protected in the case of a data loss, especially if they utilize Office 365. However, this is not always true.

Are you interested in protecting yourself in the case of data loss? Keep reading below for five reasons you should absolutely backup Office 365.

1. Human Error

Office 365 is popular for a reason, it offers many great features.

You may know that Office 365 has some protections in place for creating data backups. But unfortunately, these are typically designed to protect data if they lose data or cause an issue.

Often the backups in place may not help you when you accidentally delete something or files get corrupted or lost.

2. Retention Time

Another reason you should really consider Backupify to backup Office 365 is retention time. Even if there is a backup available of the type of file you are looking for, they may not have the file from the time you want.

Sometimes recovery time expires so if you don't realize you lost a file right away, you may be unable to have it restored.

3. Hackers

Given the recent high-profile data breaches, we most likely are all very familiar with the danger hackers pose. Because so much data is now stored in a cloud-based storage system, many businesses and agencies are at high risk.

While most people worry about being hacked by strangers in other countries, you also need protection from any insiders who may want to use your data in a malicious manner.

Using a third-party backup system can add an extra layer of security to your data in the case of a hacker or angry employee.

4. Compliance

Software like Backupify can also help you keep your data secure and comply with outside regulations and standards. When you store data, especially sensitive data relating to clients or customers, you need to adhere to certain rules.

Office 365 has security measures in place, but sometimes there are not as many protections as you need. Using a third-party system will help ensure your data is safely stored at all times.

5. Restoration Possibilities

With cloud-based data, there is also a high level of collaboration amongst workers. While this is a positive feature, it opens up your files for accidental deletion or corruption.

While many backup systems can provide you with a recent copy, this may not be enough when working with a group on a file.

Ensuring a backup system is always running will allow you to restore any file to a chosen point in time. This means you can go as far back as you need to find the correct file.

Time to Backup Office 365

These are the top five reasons you should be using Backupify with your Office 365 data, but there are plenty more. By properly backing up all of your data, you will avoid serious problems down the road.

Do you have other data backup questions you want to discuss? Please contact us and we will discuss your situation and possible solutions.