Haven’t Secured Your Data? Here’s Why You Need to Do that Now

Haven’t Secured Your Data? Here’s Why You Need to Do that Now


For businesses, securing their data is crucial. Yet, many businesses today are reluctant to invest in data security initiatives that help secure their data on servers, mobile devices and business networks. If you’re one of them, then you need to start securing your data today. Here’s why!

Why Data Security is Crucial for Your Business

Why do you need to secure your business data? The list of reasons is comprehensive so we’ll just name the most important reasons to secure your business data—meeting customer expectations, maintaining or increasing productivity, complying with regulatory requirements and minimizing financial loss. Today, more and more businesses are storing their data on computers and networks, and as such, are required to meet more stringent data security requirements imposed by the local and federal regulators. Not only do you need to secure your business data on servers, you also need to secure your data on mobile devices and business networks. Here’s why.

The Need to Secure Data on Servers

One of the most targeted virtual properties of a business, servers generally host sensitive business data—data important for a business to run its operations. For this reason, securing your network is as important as securing your website, your mobile applications or your network. If you decide against securing your servers or the data stored on them, you will put your business at a huge risk, making it extremely vulnerable to attacks. So, take the necessary steps and secure your servers and the data on them as soon as possible.

Why Secure Data on Mobile Devices?

Ever since smartphones were first introduced, cyberattacks on mobile devices have increased by the day. The biggest threat posed by these attacks is the potential to lose valuable data. Today, most of the transactions between retailers and consumers are happening via mobile applications, meaning a lot of sensitive information gets filtered through these applications and mobile devices. Using different strategies, cybercriminals corrupt these mobile devices and applications, exposing the data on them to the world. This results in the loss of data and money—for both the business and the affected consumers.

The Importance of Securing Data on Business Networks

There are many reasons to secure data on business network including protecting client data, keep shared data secure and protect network computers and the data on them from harmful spywares. There are many types of network security attacks but they all cause the same result—a compromised business network.

Penalties for Not Securing Your Data

In addition to protecting your business data on servers, mobile devices and business networks, you can avoid potential penalization by HIPPA or AICPA. If you violate the data security requirements of The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPPA), you may face penalties ranging from $100 to $1.5 million during a calendar year. Additionally, there is a potential jail sentence of up to ten years.

In addition to HIPPA, the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA) requires businesses to comply to the data standards specified in SOC 2. Non-compliance may result in financial penalties.

Want to secure your data on servers, mobile devices and business networks and avoid penalties from HIPPA and AICPA? If yes, then get a free security review and report from Visionary IT today and take the measures required to secure your data on the above-mentioned platforms.