Montavue 4k network video


Local Expandable Storage No Hidden Storage Fees


Support AI Camera Features Human &Vehicle Detection


Intelligent Video Surveillance Tripwire, Intrusion, Motion


High Efficiency Video Calling 50% Better Data Compression

4k Ultra HD and Intelligent Video Surveillance

A Quad-Core embedded processor gives this NVR the ability to record 4K resolution video in real time providing you with exquisite footage and superior details. Intelligent Video Surveillance features (IVS) can allow you to monitor areas very precisely and efficiently, so you are only alerted when you want to be. You can know exactly when someone or object crosses an invisible line, leaves or enters a space, and more. Use the Smart Search feature to quickly review IVS events by camera date and time. This will give you a series of single images of IVS events allowing you to quikcly review all of the events that happened throughout the day without having to watch hours of video footage. Remote viewing is also a breeze with our free MontavueGO app for Android and !phone. Watch live footage, get push notifications and more.

Local Storage - No Fees

  • Multiple Storage bays gives you room to expand
  • Local Storage keeps your footage private and secure
  • Built-in Surveillance Grade hard drive included
  • Local Storage means no monthly cloud storage fees

Intelligent Video Surveillance

  • Allows for more precise monitoring
  • Multiple rule types-Tripwire,lntrusion & more (see camera)
  • Works with Al and autotracking enabled cameras
  • Available options will vary depending on camera model

Artificial Intelligence - Alarm Filtering

  • Reduce false alarms with SMD or Al enabled cameras
  • Filter objects by Human, Vehicle or both
  • Get push notifications on your smart phone.
  • Use Al search to quickly review snapshots of events

High Efficiency Encoding - HEVC H.265

  • Better data compression at the same level of quality
  • Smaller files means you can store more footage
  • Improves remote viewing by reducing data rates

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