What is Dark Web Monitoring And Why Does Your Business Need It?

What is Dark Web Monitoring And Why Does Your Business Need It?

Do you know anything about the dark web?

The dark web is an area of the internet that's overlayed by different networks, so it's only available through certain browsers such as Tor. The dark web makes up a small fraction of internet use, but it's not something you want to visit.

The dark web allows web users to remain anonymous.

Therefore, they can get away with posting anything. The dark web is famous for criminal activity such as hiring a hitman or buying drugs, but identity theft and sharing data is another major crime found on the dark web.

And your company can be the next victim! To ensure your private business information is kept secret, dark web monitoring well help scour the dark web for your company information.

What's Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark web monitoring is a surveillance program to make sure your identity or confidential information isn't posted on the dark web.

This surveillance program searches different terms such as your business name, bank account and credit card numbers, and your business address and other contact information. When your information is posted online, you'll be notified.

How Do They Gain Your Information?

Different hackers have their own means of finding your information.

While most sources that hold your information are heavily encrypted, such as government and bank websites, there are hackers smart enough to force their way into the database.

They can also hack with malware methods such as the watering hole.

Other hackers use old-fashioned methods. These include spying and even contacting an employee to retrieve information.

What Kind of Information is Posted?

The information hackers can steal depends on your company. Usually, they steal financial records and use this to hack into your company's bank accounts.

Hackers also share different ways to hack into your databases, such as passwords or codes to break your encryption. They use this information to steal your data and commit ransomware.

Some hackers may be after your company's reputation. This includes any criminal activity, immoral personal decisions, or other illegal activity.

Where is This Information Posted?

The dark web looks much different than the surface web, or the web browser you visit regularly.

Since everything is anonymous, the dark web is filled with a variety of different pages and links. Dark web monitoring checks these pages and looks and filters them for your company's information.

Since most dark web users meet in a community, your information will likely be posted on a forum or a chat room. This is where most surveillance programs look first.

But there are web pages and hackers dedicated to stealing corporate information.

Protect Your Company's Confidential Information

The dark web is a scary place. Lots of internet users have heard of this ominous area of the internet, but most don't know they can be a victim of identity hacking. There are communities on the dark web who will love to steal your identity and money.

The easiest way to prevent a security breach is monitoring the dark web for your information.

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