End of Life for Windows Server 2003


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Support for Windows Server 2003 has now come to an end. This means you’ll no longer receive any patch or upgrades from Microsoft. What this means to your business is you’ll likely be faced with performance inconsistency, security issues and an out-of-date server not to mention problems with compliancy with a range of regulations. Think about it, 37 critical updates for Windows Server 2003, were released over the lifespan of the product, so imagine where your business would be with zero updates?

This is precisely why Visionary IT encourages you to plan your migration now and save yourself future headaches. We can help migrate your Windows Server and make the process a painless one.

When you trust your Windows Servers migration to Visionary IT, you get:

  • Meticulous server planning and expert knowledge
  • Quick and smooth migration that gets you up and running in no time
  • Technical support from Microsoft for complete peace of mind
  • Patches and updates for operational efficiency
  • Complete regulatory compliance

We have a wealth of experience with Windows Server migration and can give you the same level of support that large enterprises are enjoying, all for an affordable fee.

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