How Proper IT Solutions Save your Business Money

We all know that businesses today rely on computer system to function, when then they fail or don’t work everything grinds to a halt. Small businesses even with just a few employees can feel the sting from 1 day of downtime in the form of lost profits, productivity & goodwill.


Consider this brief example of a real local customer:

A Phoenix area manufacturing company called recently ready to spend $10,000 on a new server to fix speed issues after interviewing 3 IT companies. After completion of our free IT assessment, the problem was obvious, all 3 firms wanted to take advantage of this customer. No new hardware was needed, just a few hours of reconfiguration. This also freed up $1500/mo in part time IT. Now staff is more productive, the budget is trimmer & service levels are better than ever!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • The former I.T. person quit & has all our passwords / documentation.
  • We STILL have unresolved IT issues that have been reported multiple times.
  • We want to move to the cloud, but aren't sure about cost or security.
  • Dealing with old, problematic systems due to high replacement cost.

With so much riding on the success of IT, a company cannot thrive without an experienced provider to help guide & mange Proper IT management doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact managed services can save money while increasing service levels.

Ask your IT provider or internal IT for the following points to help check the status of your systems:

  1. How is our data being backed up & how long to restore?
  2. Can you quickly produce a security report?
  3. Provide a monthly or quarterly IT performance report
  4. Are drivers, firmware and other non-Windows updates being performed?
  5. Do we have an asset list of hardware, software and IT subscriptions?

These are tough questions for IT staff, but important to the operation & security of the business no matter the size. A basic IT strategy should at least include answers to the questions above. Not sure where to start? For a free IT evaluation contact us today.