Creating a Great Google listing

Google has a vast amount of free ways to help your company gain major search traction, but are you getting the most out of them? Here are some tips to get you on the fast track to a great listing.

If you have not registered your business yet then you can do it here:

Things to be Aware of: Be sure to use a physical business address, Google will remove listings using a P.O. Box & tends not to like 855 phone numbers. If you don’t have a physical business address we suggest getting a virtual office of a UPS Store Box will work as a physical address without the price of an actual office. You must verify your listing by phone or by postcard after creating a listing before it will display on Google Maps.

Optimize it!
Make the most of your listing by using your top keyword in the content of your listing to enhance your position in search results. For example if you were a carpet cleaner your searches are not looking for your by name so instead of describing your business as “we clean carpets valleywide, call now for a free quote!” try “Carpet cleaning Phoenix, Call ‘Steam Pro’ for a free quote!”

Don’t Stop There!
Capitalize on your business listing by adding “Offers” or Coupons. In Google places there is an offers tab where you can create coupons that are printable & viewable on mobile devices. Gain even more attention by sharing these coupons on Facebook & Twitter.

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