3 Tips to Optimize your Website

Tip #1
Every page of your website should be focused on 3 keywords, one primary keyword and two related keywords. (Example: Primary keyword "health insurance" with the related keywords "health insurance quotes" and "affordable health insurance."

Tip #2
Your meta description can appear in the Google, Yahoo! and Bing search results as the text underneath the blue underlined link (your title tag). Keeping this in mind, write your meta description tag to both explain what you do and generate interest so searchers click on your listing. An example of a proper tag would be "Joe's Baseball Cards | Glendale AZ"

Tip #3
Links from other web sites to your web site help show search engines that you have a valued and trusted web site. Acquiring quality links to your web site will help improve your web site rankings. Ask your vendors & associates to place a link on their website pointing to yours, this is a good place to obtain quality links initially.

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